Here's What I Take: Prenatal Supplements & Food

I've had a few people ask me what I'm taking, eating, etc. while pregnant -- so, here goes it all: 



I began to take a prenatal vitamin 3 months before my husband and I conceived. I chose to take Pure Encapsulations - Nutrient 950 with Vitamin K. While many prenatals include iron, I chose not to supplement with iron. I eat red meat regularly. And, my iron levels were normal at 10 weeks, and were the same level at 30 weeks.

This prenatal also includes folate (not folic acid) which is easier for our body to assimilate, compared to folic acid. I also liked that Pure Encapsulations - Nutrient 950 with Vitamin K includes vitamin K2, which can help to promote healthy bone mineralization.


Vitamin D3

We all need some Vitamin D. And because I'm pregnant in the winter months, I supplemented with a liquid Vitamin D. I like this Vitamin D



Calcium is controversial. But because of my history with low bone density, and my on-and-off again relationship with dairy, I took a calcium supplement when I was not eating dairy. 


Fish Oil

Why? Because Omega-3s and baby's brain! If I wasn't eating fish, I would take an off-the-shelf fish oil supplement from Whole Foods. I like fish, and prefer to eat, rather than swallow my Omega-3s.


3rd Trimester

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Starting at the end of the 2nd trimester, I began drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. There is a study that shows that red raspberry lead tea can help to shorten labor and regulate hormones. Bonus: I love a cup of tea in the winter, so this isn't too difficult to implement. I try to drink 2-3 cups of this tea throughout the day during the 3rd trimester. 



I'm on the fence about this one for me. A study showed that women who ate 4-6 dates in the last 4 weeks before labor "reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labor, and produced a more favorable, but non-significant, delivery outcome". The same study showed that women are more likely to have intact membranes upon admission to the hospital, go into labor spontaneously, avoid Pitocin and have a shorter first phase of labor. Mama Natural has a great blog post about eating dates and summing up the study. 

But...4-6 dates is a lot of sugar. I get headaches when I too much sugar. And when I do eat sugar, I crave it more. So, I'm on the fence about eating 4-6 dates for 4 weeks. We'll see.



I ate pretty normally in the latter half of my 1st trimester, and in my 2nd trimester and 3rd. During the first half of my first trimester (week 5-9), I had food aversions and felt nauseous when I let myself get too hungry -- like in the middle of the night. So, I would wake up, have a snack, then go back to bed. I woke up feeling much better. 

I tried my best (even during the holidays!) to eat meats, veggies, starchy veggies, some nuts and healthy fats. While I generally don't eat many grains, I did have gluten-free oatmeal for a portion of my pregnancy. I've had treats, but I try not to go crazy. I enjoy 1 cup of coffee in the mornings, and I savor every sip.  I drink kombucha once per week, and

Have questions about food, supplements and fertility? Check out this post about superfoods for fertility and feel free to contact me with questions!