15 Foods You'll Find in My Pantry & Fridge

In working with clients and corporate clients about nutrition, I'm often asked, "so, what do you eat?", or "what do you always keep in your fridge and your pantry?". 

I generally take a deep breath, jog my memory back to the fridge and start rattling off my must-haves. 

Since we are curious creatures, here's a peek inside my fridge and pantry -- these items will be found in my kitchen after a grocery shopping trip!


15 foods you'll find in my pantry & fridge


1. Ground Beef (preferably grass-fed) 

Ah, yes -- the unglamorous workhorse of the protein family -- ground beef! I keep a few packages of ground beef in the freezer and rotate them into the fridge every few days. 

If you follow me on Instagram, I often lament that on Thursdays the dinner struggle is real. On Thursdays, dinner is often a vegetable stir-fry with ground beef. Thanks for saving the day, GB! 

I try to buy grass-fed ground beef as often as possible, usually from Trader Joe's. 


2. Chicken breast/thighs (preferably pasture-raised)

Everyone's favorite -- chicken! 

I try to buy chicken thighs or breast from happy, healthy, foraging pasture-raised chickens. If I can't buy meat from these chickens, then I will buy the breasts of a conventionally-raised chicken because toxins are stored in the fat cells of animals. 

My few go-to chicken recipes : Southwest Chicken Chili, Chicken & Apple Patties and Fried Cauliflower Rice


3. Diestel Deli Turkey Slices

It's tricky to find deli meat from humanly-raised, bug-pecking turkeys. Recently, I've been purchasing Diestel Deli Turkey Slices. While Diestel's website says they give their turkeys plenty of sunshine and fresh air, the turkeys are fed corn and soy -- not perfect, but a lot better than conventionally-raised gobblers. 

I often wrap sun-dried tomatoes or roasted bell peppers in turkey slices and gobble up as a snack or small lunch.


4. Smoked Salmon (wild-caught)

Pricey, but so worth it! I love knowing my body is getting a big dose of Omega-3s and my skin feels more more hydrated when I eat seafood 2-4 times per week. 

I buy wild-caught seafood. I take a gulp at the cash register and pay the big-spender price tag. 


5. Shrimp (wild-caught)

Shrimp is my go-to-meal-in-a-rush. Garlic. Butter. Side veggie. DONE!

I try to buy wild-caught and all that good stuff!


6. Eggs (pasture-raised)

Last, but easily the most consumed protein in our household -- eggs!

Eggs are a true superfood, especially during pregnancy. Eggs include all 9 essential amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, water-soluble B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, selenium and choline. 

I buy eggs from happy, healthy pasture-raised chickens. A dozen eggs is $6 per carton which can seem expensive. But, considering that I eat 2 eggs per day, my breakfast protein rounds out to just $1 per meal. 



7. White Rice (organic, gluten-free)

My husband is quite athletic, and I don't think he would mind me saying so. That said -- he needs and enjoys white rice as a carbohydrate source. 

Unfortunately, I experience some pretty sharp stomach pains when I consume white rice. I've done all the normal precautions -- soaking, buying organic, etc. -- but, I just can't tolerate rice. 

I purchase white rice over brown rice because brown rice contains anti-nutrients which can inhibit mineral absorption. And fortunately, my husband does not suffer from blood sugar issues, so white rice goes straight to his muscles after a hard workout. 

I buy organic white rice from Trader Joe's.  


8. Oatmeal (organic, gluten-free)

While my husband eats white rice, I enjoy oatmeal. I eat a bowl nearly every morning -- half before my morning workout and half after my morning workout. I like it and so does my tummy. 

I buy gluten-free and organic oatmeal


8. Sweet Potatoes

Oh my word -- I eat so many sweet potatoes. I will eat them roasted, toasted, nuked, whatever. 

I buy organic sweet potatoes. 


9. All the vegetables, seasonal fruit and dried fruit

I feel like it goes without saying, but our fridge drawers are bursting with veggies. 

I find seasonal, farmer's market shopping SO FUN! Seriously, guys -- I'm a cheap thrill. 

I love going to the farmer's market and seeing the new weekly produce -- all the colors, new dish ideas and samples have me giddy. 



10. Coconut Milk

Tried, true and trusty -- coconut milk. Whether's it's poured in coffee, whipped up as a dessert with fruit or used as a base for a sauce, we always have a few cans of coconut milk stashed in the pantry. 

I also enjoy coconut cream from Trader Joe's -- it's a bit thicker and just as delicious. 


11. Primal Kitchen Mayo

I can't write enough about this stuff. Buy it. It will change your life. 


12. Hummus

Because #snacks. I like Hope Food Hummus or Trader Joe's Eggplant Hummus dipped in sugar snap peas or carrots. 

Hummus can be full of canola or other junky oils -- so please, please look at the hummus labels!


13. Organic Broth

There was a time in my life when I was making my own bone broth, but that doesn't happen often these days. I buy Pacific Foods Organic Broths and add it to dishes or cook rice in it. 


14. Cooking Fats


15. Pantry extras: EVOO-packed sun-dried tomatoes, water-packed roasted bell peppers, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, dried fruit/dates

It's really hard to make this list only 15 items long, so I'm jamming in everything in this item. 

I keep jars and a variety of canned veggies on hand to toss in dishes, usually on a whim. 


What's in your fridge that's not on this list?

I love finding new products! Give 'em to me in the comments below!