I’m Holly! I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant residing in Santa Rosa, CA in Sonoma County.


  • Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant from Bauman College


My Health Story

As a kid, and thru adulthood, I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. I spent most of my high school and college years hunched over in pain after eating. 

I resolved a lot of my digestive issues by removing certain foods. I learned which foods made me feel great, and which didn't.

I became fascinated with nutrition, food and how simple changes could make a huge difference in my life. To quench my thirst for nutrition knowledge, I enrolled at Bauman College to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant. On nights and weekends, I studied nutrition and my newfound career fit like a glove.


My Business

I live in Sonoma County, California and maintain a private nutrition practice where I helps clients find their most optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle wellness. I also work with Sonoma County companies and groups to create wellness programs to support the health of their employees and members. 

In college, I spent much of my time studying engineering and construction management. In junior high school, I spent my free time participating in math competitions. You're thinking -- OK, so what? 

My knack for numbers and thinking analytically allows me to build systems, routines and habits that lead my clients to success. Not just for now, but for a lifetime. 

All that algebra finally paid off!

Health and new habit formation takes time; I offer multi-month packages to support clients in creating life-long changes. 

For ultimate convenience, I also work with clients remotely -- via phone or Skype -- with weekly or bi-weekly check-in consultations. Whether we're addressing prior health conditions, setting a weight-loss goal or brushing up on healthy meals and snacks -- you and I will cover it all!

enough chit chat about me...